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New Partnership to Supply the Complete Lab Laboratory Safety21 Dec 2011Read
DNA Shearing to 6kbp - 20kbp Fragments DNA Shearing13 Dec 2011Read
High Quality Borosilicate Glass Centrifuge Tubes Relative Centrifugal Force, Astm Methods24 Nov 2011Read
Optima X Series Ultracentrifuges to Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs Real-Time Graphing17 Nov 2011Read
Microscale Glassware Kits from Kimble Chase22 Sep 2011Read
New Production Centrifuge for The Bioprocessing Industry13 Sep 2011Read
New Programmable Shaking Chilling/Heating Dry Bath from Torrey Pines1 Sep 2011Read
Beckman Coulter Introduces the 1.6-liter Allegra X-30 Series Benchtop Centrifuge27 Jul 2011Read
Beckman Coulter Displays High-Throughput Lab Solutions at 2011 AACC/ASCLS Annual Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo25 Jul 2011Read
New RAININ FlipTube Reduces Contamination Risk, Increases Speed20 Jul 2011Read

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