Centrifugal Evaporation Consumables

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The MiniVap™ joins the Ultravap™ in the state of the art 96 well sample evaporator units. The MiniVap™ is designed for the research and development end of the market when individual plates...
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GE Healthcare's Ficoll-Paque PLUS and Ficoll-Paq...  

Ficoll-Paque PLUS Ficoll-Paque Plus is a recognized standard in laboratories worldwide for the isolation of human lymphocytes for in vitro studies. Low levels of endotoxin (<...
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Radleys GreenHouse  

In an ever increasingly competitive market of drug discovery, there is a demand to speed up the production process. Medicinal chemists are now under even more pressure to produce more...
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Pipette Controllers Offer Perfect Combination of Speed & Fine Dosing