A Novel Assay Based on the Expression of ILT-3 (CD85k) by the 2 Major Circulating DC Subsets: Performance Validation
30 November 2015

Peripheral blood dendritic cells (PBDC) can be subdivided into two main cell types, namely myeloid DC (MDC) or DC1, and plasmacytoid DC (PDC) or DC2. PBDC are defined as lineage negative cells, i.e lacking markers for T lymphocytes, B lymphocytes, NK cells and monocytes/macrophages, while expressing high levels of HLADR. However, the lack of consensus on what markers should be used in this complicated “lineage” cocktail is an issue for comparison among studies, and raises the need for a more consensual approach to PBDC identification. This poster demonstrates a simple approach for MDC and PDC identification in whole blood samples using the restricted expression pattern of the ILT3 molecule.