Detection of HMT PRMT3 with the Transcreener® EPIGEN Methyltransferase Assay
24 Oct 2014

The Transcreener® EPIGEN Methyltransferase Assay is a universal biochemical HTS assay for enzymes that produce S-adenosylhomocysteine (SAH), including all enzymes within the histone (HMTs) and DNA (DNMTs) methyltransferase families. It combines the extensively validated Transcreener AMP2/GMP2 Assay, which relies on fluorescent immunodetection of AMP, with coupling enzymes that convert SAH to AMP qu. The assay provides excellent signal at low substrate conversion, with an assay window greater than 100 millipolarization units (mP) and Z’ ≥ 0.7 under normal reaction conditions. This Application note will serve as a guide for using the Transcreener® EPIGEN Methyltransferase assay to detect the initial velocity enzyme activity of HMT PRMT3 with an assay window suitable for inhibitor screening and dose response measurements.

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