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CELLSTAR® Cell-Repellent Surface  

Greiner Bio-One introduces a new surface chemistry to effectively inhibit cell adhesion. The CELLSTAR® Cell-Repellent Surface are characterized by low cell attachment, the cell-repellent...
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DELFIA Eu-N1 Anti-HA  

Generic DELFIA®; reagents are intended for use in dissociation-enhanced time-resolved fluorometric assays. All reagents have been labelled using the DELFIA®; N1-chelate. They are...
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DELFIA® BATDA Labeling Reagent, 50 µL  

The DELFIA® BATDA Reagent is intended for labeling of cells to be used in short term cytotoxicity tests performed utilizing time-resolved fluorometry in the detection. It forms part of...
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DELFIA® Eu-N1 Anti-GST, 1 mg  

DELFIA® Eu-N1 Anti-GST, 1 mg DELFIA® Eu-N1 Anti-GST, 50 µg
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