Culture Collection Systems

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Tecan’s Gas Control Module (GCM™)  

Enhanced Gas Control Module (GCM™) now offers simultaneous control of CO2 and O2 for your cells Launched in 2010, Tecan’s patent pending Gas Control Module (GCM) for the Infinite® 200...
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EZ Slide  

Use the Millicell® EZ SLIDE to culture, fix, stain and view your cells all in one device. There’s no need to tediously move cover slips from your culture dish to a slide. Leave the wells...
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NovaSeptum Sampling System  

A sterile, closed, disposable system for sampling fluids from sterile and aseptic processes The unique NovaSeptum sampling system is ideal for general fluid and cell culture sampling...
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Corning® Ultra-Low Attachment Surface  

The Corning Ultra-Low Attachment surface is a covalently bound hydrogel layer that is hydrophilic and neutrally charged. Since proteins and other biomolecules passively adsorb to...
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HYPERFlask® M Cell Culture Vessel  

The Corning High Yield PERformance Flask Manual (HYPERFlask M) cell culture vessel, specifically designed for manual use. This is a new multilayer flask that uses a gas permeable film to...
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CellTrics® - Cell Separation and Filtration  

CellTrics® are disposable filters for isolation of cells and nuclei. They are made of tilted filter gauze from monofile nylon or polyester material with mesh diameters between 10 µm and...
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KUIQPICK v.1.0 is a capillary-based vacuum-assisted device for tissue microdissection and collection of cells from cell culture dishes. High quality RNA, protein, and DNA are isolated from...
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BellBrook Microconduit Array iuvo plates  

The BellBrook Microconduit Array iuvo plates enable you to use highly-miniaturized, complex cellular assays with automated liquid handling and HCA platforms, with the goal of more accurate...
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