High Throughput Quantification of HepG2 Cell Colony Formation in Soft Agar with TTP Labtech’s acumen®
20 Oct 2014

The requirement for better in vitro tumor models for use in the identification of new anticancer drugs has led to the development of 3D cell culture models, which retain many of the morphological and genetic traits of tumors. Enumeration of colonies has traditionally been carried out using a semi-solid agarose bilayer system in Petri dishes and involves manual counting on a microscope. High content analysis can be used to determine additional parameters such as colony size, shape, or fluorescence intensity, however, this approach has proved to be complicated due to the technical limitations of many CCD-based imaging systems. TTP Labtech’s acumen® can rapidly and accurately quantify cell colony formation in soft agar. This laser scanning imaging cytometer allows the operator to scan whole wells to enumerate fluorescent colonies and can also be used to determine the size of colonies through the application of a spherical volume algorithm. This allows the differentiation of small cell clusters (< 20 cells) from cell colonies.

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