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SelectScience Announces New Reviewers’ Choice Awards6 Feb 2015Read
Pittcon 2014 Announces Exposition Highlights PittCon13 Feb 2014Read
SelectScience Opens Nominations for the 2013 Scientists’ Choice Awards scientists choice awards9 Jan 2014Read
New Webinar Announcement - Food Safety Webinar: New Ideas to Overcome Current Challenges Food Packaging, Food Safety, Spectral Libraries10 Jan 2013Read
New chipCAL Flow Calorimeter Showcased Automation, Microflow Calorimeter, PittCon13 Mar 2012Read
TTP Labtech Launches More Innovative Solutions for the Enhancement of Laboratory Automation and Screening Automation, Microflow Calorimeter, PittCon5 Mar 2012Read
Simultaneous C/N/S Analysis for Macro Samples, Software Demo’s, & HRT Application Work on Display at Pittcon PittCon, Elemental Determinators5 Mar 2012Read
SelectScience Announces New Website: The Fastest Way to Expert Opinion2 Feb 2012Read
SelectScience Webinar Now Available On-Demand: Understand High Purity Water Needs, Exclusively for France, Germany and the UK28 Oct 2011Read
MicroCal™ VP-Capillary Differential Scanning Calorimetry Software5 Oct 2011Read

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