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Semi Dry Blotters  

These Semi Dry Blotters offer rapid transfer times for DNA, RNA and protein blotting, typically 15 to 30 minutes. All units can be used for all types of blotting: western, southern and...
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Capillary Blotters  

For low cost capillary blotting of nucleic acids CP-1526 mini and CP-2826 maxi capillary blotters are ideal for the simultaneous Northern and Southern transfer of multiple gels. A novel...
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Dot Blotters and Slot Blotters  

Fast sample-to-membrane hybridisation guaranteed for immediate screening Available in alphanumeric 24, 48 and 96 sample throughputs, Scie-Plas's dot and slot blot microfiltration...
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TV Electroblotters  

Dedicated electroblotting for mini and maxi gels Recently redesigned to accommodate up to 4 electroblotting cassettes, the Scie-Plas TV100-EBK and TV400-EBK electroblotters provide a...
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