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Liquid Nitrogen Storage Tank (Isothermal)  

CBS Isothermal Freezers feature a patented liquid nitrogen jacket to provide uniform storage temperatures in the -190°C range, free from liquid nitrogen contact. This innovative design...
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PLASMAFROST - Plasma blast freezer  

Angelantoni PLASMAFROST ITeM™ We are pleased to share with you the latest technology in plasma blast freezing: PLASMAFROST.   • Certified according to medical devices directive...
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CoolSafe Basic Bench-Top Freeze Dryers  

CoolSafe Basic Freeze Dryers offer seamless stainless steel condensers with external cooling coils and a choice of temperature options of -55 °C or -110 °C with volumes of either 4 or 9...
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CoolSafe PRO Bench-Top Freeze Dryers  

CoolSafe PRO the optimal freeze dryers with full display, control and measurement of temperature and pressure. Freeze drying in chambers with/without electrically heated shelves and with...
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Jewett High Performance Plasma Freezers  

Thermo Scientific Jewett High-performance Plasma Freezers are designed to meet the highest standards for sensitive plasma freezing. Thermo Scientific Jewett high-performance plasma...
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Revco Plasma Freezers  

Thermo Scientific Revco plasma freezers feature microprocessor control for simplified operation and greater accuracy. Our -30°C plasma freezers are designed to meet AABB and FDA...
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