Surface Chemistries

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A100 C-Fast  
Attana AB

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The Attana A100® C-Fast system provides kinetics, off-rate screening and selection of antibodies, without the need of labels, resulting in faster and more cost effective research. Key...
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AD1500 Research & Development System  
BioDot Inc.

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The AD1500 is a tabletop workstation designed for high speed aspirating and dispensing applications to glass slides, microtiter plates or membranes. Its compact footprint and up to four...
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Zensor TE100 SPEs  

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eDAQ, Inc.

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These Zensor screen printed electrodes (SPEs) feature a carbon working electrode (central circle), carbon auxiliary (outer annular crescent) and Ag/AgCl pellet reference electrode. ...
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Potentiometers/Galvanometers and EIS  

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Biologic - Electrochemistry and Fuel Cell testing Potentiometers and Galvanometers for complete range of electrochemistry applications Biosensors Corrosion Electroplating...
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Screen Printed Electrodes (Carbon)  
Pine Instrument Company

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These low cost screen printed electrodes are suitable for use in the teaching laboratory or as a platform for biosensor research. Fabricated using the same technology found in most blood...
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