Biosensor Systems, Manual

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Semi-automated, dual-channel Surface Plasmon Resonance System for generation of high quality affinity and kinetic data of biomolecular interactions.
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SensiQ Discovery  

2 out of 5

Cost-effective, manual, dual-channel Surface Plasmon Resonance System for Biomolecular Interaction Analysis.
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  • Value for money 3 out of 5

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Open Research Platform with SPRi Lab+ For Biomolecular Interaction Analysis in Real Time Using Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging • Label-free detection of biomolecular interactions •...
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A100 C-Fast  

The Attana A100® C-Fast system provides kinetics, off-rate screening and selection of antibodies, without the need of labels, resulting in faster and more cost effective research. Key...
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AD1500 Research & Development System  

5 out of 5

The AD1500 is a tabletop workstation designed for high speed aspirating and dispensing applications to glass slides, microtiter plates or membranes. Its compact footprint and up to four...
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  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • After sales service 5 out of 5
  • Value for money 5 out of 5

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BCP-CH4 Analysis Sensors  

From BioSens GmbH , the robust BCP-CH4 IR-sensors are the ideal solution for the analysis of methane on the industrial scale. Biogas plants can be ideally monitored with this reliable...
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BCP-CO2 Analysis Sensors  

From BlueSens GmbH , the BCP-CO2 is a reliable sensor for the laboratory and the industrial use. You can choose between a robust version with an aluminum housing or a compact version with...
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BCP-H2 Analysis Sensors  

From BlueSens GmbH , the thermal conductivity hydrogen sensor BCP-H2 measures any concentration of hydrogen in the shake flask and fermenter. The BCP-H2 can be integrated directly into the...
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BCP-O2 Analysis Sensors  

From BioSens GmbH , the BCP-O2 is a reliable and uncomplicate sensor for the measuring of the oxygen rate in real time. Processes in bioprocessing are optimized efficiently and precisely.
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BCpreFerm - Whole Gas Analysis System  

From BlueSens GmbH  comes the BCpreFerm - the whole gas analysis for the scale-up process. Running continuous measurements of the CO2 and O2 contents in shake flasks and fermenters...
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BCS-CH4 biogas Yieldmaster - Complete Gas Analys...  

From BioSens GmbH , the Yieldmaster BCS-CH4 biogas is a complete analysis system consisting of microprocessor controlled infrared-gas sensors, precision volumenometers and the related...
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BlueInOne Ferm CO2/O2 Combined Analysis Sensor  

From BlueSens GmbH , the new combined sensor for bioprocesses combines the parallel measurement of CO2 and O2 with just one space-saving sensor. It can be used for fermenters of every...
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PathHunter™ Flash Detection Kit  

High-throughput-ß-arrestin Assays: Now with 30-second Detection With the PathHunter™ Flash Detection Kit, ß-arrestin recruitment by a GPCR can now be detected in 30 seconds¡--permitting...
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Fuel Cell Testing  

The FCT-50 and FCT-150 are complete stations for electrochemical testing of PEMFC. Full control over temperature, gas and measurement using FC Lab software. Integrated safety shutdown...
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Potentiometers/Galvanometers and EIS  

Biologic - Electrochemistry and Fuel Cell testing Potentiometers and Galvanometers for complete range of electrochemistry applications Biosensors Corrosion Electroplating...
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Screen Printed Electrodes (Carbon)  

These low cost screen printed electrodes are suitable for use in the teaching laboratory or as a platform for biosensor research. Fabricated using the same technology found in most blood...
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