Biosensor Systems, Automated

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SPRi-Plex II: SPRi-PLEXII Label-free Biointeract...  

Label-Free Biointeraction Analysis Using Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging - Label-free detection of proteins, peptides, DNA, cells... - Multiplex detection of simultaneous several...
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SensiQ Pioneer  

Fully-automated, high sensitivity, three-channel Surface Plasmon Resonance System ideal for small molecule-protein interaction studies, antibody characterization and selection, and the...
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Octet® HTX System  

The Octet HTX instrument monitors up to 96 biosensors simultaneously, enabling label-free detection for protein quantitation and kinetic characterization at unmatched speed. The...
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ProteOn™ XPR36 Protein Interaction Array System ...  

ProteOn XPR36 protein interaction array system is an SPR optical biosensor that provides real-time data on the affinity, specificity, and kinetics of protein interactions. Using XPR...
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A100 C-Fast  

The Attana A100® C-Fast system provides kinetics, off-rate screening and selection of antibodies, without the need of labels, resulting in faster and more cost effective research. Key...
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AD1500 Research & Development System  

5 out of 5

The AD1500 is a tabletop workstation designed for high speed aspirating and dispensing applications to glass slides, microtiter plates or membranes. Its compact footprint and up to four...
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  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • After sales service 5 out of 5
  • Value for money 5 out of 5

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AD3050 Aspirate and Dispense Platform  

The AD3050 is a table top work station designed for high speed aspirating and dispensing to a biosensor card or membrane. Its compact footprint and up to four BioJet Plus Pumps makes it...
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AD3200 Dispensing Platform  

The AD3200 is a work station designed for development and pilot scale production. Its standard 8 BioJet Plus and nine-plate nest configuration makes it ideal for a medium throughput...
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AD3400 Overhead Gantry XYZ System  

The AD3400 is a workstation that is suitable for R&D through to production levels. With its superior positional accuracy and speed, it is foreseeable to begin biochip projects on this...
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AD6000 Gantry Platform  

The AD6000 Gantry Platform is a workstation designed for high throughput biochip manufacturing. Vision inspection (CCD camera) and barcode reading can be configured for verification of...
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CM4000 Cutting Module - Guillotine Cutting  

CM4000 Cutting Module - Fully automatic card cutter with programmable cut length. Vrious blade angles are available to optimize cuts. Options: • Leading Edge Sensor • Target Sensor •...
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RCC4000 Rotary Cutting  

Rotary Cutting (RCC4000) with take-up reels (each sample). Options: • 5mm Head Assembly • 6mm Head Assembly • 7mm Head Assembly • Anti-Static Assembly Option • Magazine Card Feed...
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BCpreFerm - Whole Gas Analysis System  

From BlueSens GmbH  comes the BCpreFerm - the whole gas analysis for the scale-up process. Running continuous measurements of the CO2 and O2 contents in shake flasks and fermenters...
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Biacore™ 4000  

4 out of 5

Biacore 4000 offers a powerful solution for large-scale label-free interaction analysis, delivering high quality data without compromising on throughput. The system hardware and...
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  • Ease of use 4 out of 5
  • After sales service 4 out of 5
  • Value for money 4 out of 5

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Biacore™ consumables  

Getting the best out of your Biacore system - a wide range of consumables for the use in Biacore systems: A sensor surface for every need Kits to save you time and effort ...
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Biacore™ T200  

Biacore T200 is a versatile system for label-free interaction analysis offering solutions all the way from basic research, through drug discovery to process development and quality...
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Biacore™ X100  

Biacore™ X100 is a complete solution for comprehensive, label-free analysis and characterization of biomolecular interactions in real-time. With its versatility and flexibility,...
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Fuel Cell Testing  

The FCT-50 and FCT-150 are complete stations for electrochemical testing of PEMFC. Full control over temperature, gas and measurement using FC Lab software. Integrated safety shutdown...
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