Intelligent Control of Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) Cell Culture Using the BioFlo® 320 Bioprocess Control Station
19 October 2015

In this application note, Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) batch cell culture runs were conducted to highlight the versatility of the new BioFlo 320 bioprocess control station, and as such, various sensors and control strategies were employed. The BioFlo 320 combines features and benefits from the New Brunswick™ BioFlo/CelliGen® 310 benchtop, autoclavable bioreactor system and the New Brunswick CelliGen BLU bioreactor to create an all-in-one bioprocess system with unique capabilities for intelligent cell culture. The BioFlo 320 can interchangeably control industry-standard autoclavable glass vessels or BioBLU single-use vessels. In addition to increased versatility with respect to vessels, the BioFlo 320 offers the ability to seamlessly connect a wide variety of Mettler-Toledo ISM sensors.