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Flexi-Therm Dry Block Heater  

Coming soon to the Vitl range, the Vitl Flexi-Therm is the next generation of dry block heaters. The Flexi-Therm is compatible with all Vitl intelligent Heated Modules also used on...
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Peltier Thermostat  

This electronic water-bath thermostat with Peltier element is a versatile, high-performance instrument. In one application, for example, it can be used to set the correct...
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The Asynt DrySyn range  

The NEW Asynt DrySyn range, designed to make the chemists life a little better. The DrySyn range was developed to replace the chemist's oil bath or heating mantle. The...
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ThawSTAR™ Automated Thawing System  

ThawSTAR™ automated thawing system addresses the last gap in the cell cryopreservation workflow: cell thawing. Replacing common methods of cell thawing such as swirling frozen vials in...
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Shell Bath Freezer  

Shell freezing is the classic method of preparing samples for freeze drying. By freezing a thin coating or “shell” around the inside of a flask, a greater volume of material can be...
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TC Series Circulating Water Baths  

TC Series Circulating Water Baths * Non-Refrigerated for Heating and Cooling. Why control temperature for viscosity measurement? Detecting changes in your sample's properties is...
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The Brooks RapidThaw™ uses controlled airflow to reduce thawing time for frozen samples in microtubes. With RapidThaw, you can thaw microtubes gently, but quickly - reducing thaw times by...
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Analog Control  

This durable and dependable water bath comes with a variety of safety and convenience features. A warm-air-jacketed design radiates heat up the sides of the tank, not just from the bottom.
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Dry Block Heaters  

AccuBlock™ Digital Dry Block Heater Digital performance at analog prices A broad temperature range, to 150ºC, makes the AccuBlock™ Digital Dry Bath useful for a...
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Speciality / Digital Circulating Baths  

Digital circulating water baths are an excellent choice for research and quality control applications. They are highly accurate, easy-to-use, rugged, safe and are microprocessor controlled...
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Refrigerated thermostatic baths and circulators  

The Grant Optima™ series of thermostatic refrigerated baths and circulators represent cost-effective multi-purpose systems for low temperature applications down to -47ºC and up to 100ºC. ...
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Bath Fluids 'Thermal'  

Bath Fluids 'Thermal' JULABO Bath Liquids are specially formulated with adapted features, to cover a wide range of applications. There are a range of ten, specially selected and...
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Calibration Baths  

The JULABO calibration baths are perfectly suitable for applications in calibration laboratories and conform to the requirements specified by DIN ISO 9001:2000. The instruments provide...
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Cryo-Compact Circulators  

The new CF series offers compact refrigerated/heating circulators, -40ºC to +200ºC. With small overall dimensions the units can even be placed on a very small surface or within a complex...
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'EasyTemp' Software Products  

Software & Laboratory Automation Software products for controlling, visualization, programming and documentation. With the JULABO PC- software numerous control tasks in connection with...
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Heating and Refrigerated Circulators - JULABO 'T...  

5 out of 5

Econimical priced Heating and Refrigerated Circulators with extensive features With the new ME models of the TopTech series, JULABO offers economical heating and refrigerated...
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  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • After sales service 5 out of 5
  • Value for money 5 out of 5

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Heating Circulators  

JULABO Heating Circulators, +20ºC to +300ºC, with stainless steel bath tanks are mainly used for internal and external temperature tasks. The new range of these models now have...
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Heating Immersion Circulators, Bridge Mounted Ci...  

JULABO Heating Immersion Circulators, +20ºC to +200ºC, are available for various bath tanks up to a capacity of 50 litres and come equipped with a bath clamp that fits onto all...
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High Temperature Circulators  

JULABO High Temperature Circulators can be used for temperature applications from +40ºC up to +400 °C. The units provide powerful heating capacities for shortest heat-up times and rapid...
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Highly Dynamic Temperature Control Systems Prest...  

The Highly Dynamic Temperature Control Systems Presto and Magnum, 91ºC to 250ºC, are the perfect solution for precise, external temperature applications. The units offer extremely rapid...
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Immersion Coolers, Flow-Through Coolers  

JULABO Immersion Coolers, -90ºC to +30ºC, are primarily used for counter-cooling when connected to a heating circulator, or for rapidly cooling fluids down to low temperatures. Take...
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Laboratory Temperature Controllers, Programmer  

JULABO Temperature Controllers, -100ºC to +400ºC, fulfill temperature-dependent measurement, control, safety and monitoring tasks. Modern control technology, space-saving design and...
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Open Heating Bath Circulator  

JULABO Open Heating Bath Circulators or Heating Circulators with high quality stainless steel, Plexiglass or Makrolon bath tanks are mainly used for internal and external temperature tasks.
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Refrigerated/Heating Circulators  

JULABO Refrigerated and Heating Circulators, -50ºC to +200ºC, are suitable for temperature application to external systems with simultaneous operation in the bath tank. Models in different...
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Shaking Water Baths  

4 out of 5

JULABO shaking water baths, +20ºC to +99.9ºC, with seamless, splash-water protected keypad offer a high operating comfort. The bright MULTI-DISPLAY (LED) indicating up to 6 temperature...
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  • Ease of use 4 out of 5
  • After sales service 3 out of 5
  • Value for money 4 out of 5

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