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Balances for Pharmacies  

Verified pharmacist's balances for formulating medicines or formula weighing. Sartorius formulation and analytical balances meet the legal requirements and have been verified as legal for...
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Micro balance ME36S  

This new ME36S microbalance features an exceptionally high weighing capacity of 31g and a readability of 1µg. The ME36S is designed for weighing the smallest sample quantities even in...
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Ultramicro & Micro Balances  

Sartorius ultra- and microbalances are lab balances designed to weigh the smallest sample quantities and meet the highest requirements. They are also suitable for weighing samples even in...
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Weighing Terminal Combics Pro  

Clear display for reliable operation Above all, today’s advanced weighing equipment has to feature reliable operation on several levels: whether during daily routine use, in demanding,...
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CM Protégé Powder Dispense System  

Weighing and dispensing of solids is one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks faced by laboratory scientists. The Freeslate CM Protégé Powder Dispense System is a robust,...
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