Analytical Methodology for the Characterization of Steels and Iron Alloys by Atomic Absorption Analysis
21 Oct 2014

The analysis of irons and steels has always been a very important job in the industrial and commercial environment. The grading of steels and iron alloys is critical to characterizing their respective strengths to corrosion and stress. The unique components of the Buck Scientific Model 210VGP AA system allow interference-free measurements at high levels of sensitivity and precision when preparing samples and calibrating instrumentation. Aspiration of the sample by the high efficiency nebulizer provides tremendous sample throughput, and the proprietary “in-line” Deuterium (D2) Lamp Background Corrector gives the highest energy of any commercially available system. These features combined with the single-mirror, high-resolution monochromator and low noise electronics create an integrated analytical tool of remarkable power. The entire procedure can determine over 40 elements per hour for high turnover and high quality results.

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