Application Note: Whole-Blood Cardiac Troponin I Assay in 10 minutes using Novel Carbon Amino-Dextran Labels with Improved Binding Capacity
26 April 2012

Vivacta has developed a novel point-of-care immunoassay system for the measurement of analytes in whole-blood, without separation of the cells and with no wash step. This poster describes refinements in Vivacta’s piezofilm technology platform in relation to the company’s troponin assay. Novel conjugation methods for the attachment of antibodies and small molecules to carbon particles increase the binding capacity of the carbon-antibody conjugates 5-fold, giving much improved signal-to-noise. As a result, Vivacta has achieved a sensitivity of 10 pg / mL (picograms per millilitre) for its troponin I assay using a 30µL sample.