Application Note: The Expansion and Differentiation Potential of CD271+(LNGFR) Marrow Stromal Cells (MSCs) vs. MSCs Isolated by Plastic Adherence
26 April 2011

In this application note by Miltenyi, MSC isolation and cultivation were performed using the MSC Research Tool Box – CD271 (LNGFR). The tool box includes all reagents for fluorescent labeling (CD271 (LNGFR)-PE or -APC) and indirect magnetic labeling (Anti PE or -APC MicroBeads) of CD271 (LNGFR)+ cells. MSCs are a group of heterogeneous stem and progenitor cells in bone marrow with nonhaematopoietic (NH) differentiation potential. CD271 is one of the most promising markers for MSC isolation. Here isolation of MSCs by CD271 separation and plastic adherence are compared.