Application Note: Rapid Production of Proteins, Antibodies, and Vaccines Using Scalable Flow Electroporation: From Plasmid to Protein in Days
15 August 2014

This poster describes large‐scale electroporation using the MaxCyte STX® Scalable Transfection System for the production of antibodies, VLPs, and lentiviral vectors. Data is presented for high‐efficiency transfection of cells commonly used in protein production including CHO, HEK293, and insect cells‐‐without the use of baculovirus‐‐with a timeline of just a few days from plasmid to gram quantities of protein. This feature is especially attractive for rapid response vaccine generation for pandemics, biodefense, or even seasonal influenza. The simplicity of the process can allow for regional “vaccine‐in‐a‐box” production facilities. Results from comparisons to other transient transfection technologies such as lipid reagents and PEI demonstrate the superior utility and quality of MaxCyte electroporation.