Application Note: High Throughput Transfection of Stem Cells, Primary Cells and Difficult-to-Transfect Cell Lines: Jurkat, CHO, Human Skeletal Muscle Cells & Primary Neuronal Cell Transfection using a Scalable, Electroporation-Based Technology.
28 March 2011

Learn how MaxCyte’s scalable electroporation offers a cost-effective means to reproducibly transfect billions of cells in less than 30 minutes with the added benefit of broad cell type compatibility. Data in this poster is presented for the transient transfection of a variety of difficult-to-transfect cells and their use in downstream assays. Specifically, the transfection of Jurkat,CHO, human skeletal muscle cells and primary neuronal cells using MaxCyte’s scalable electroporation technology and their performance in a variety of cell-based assays is described. This demonstrates how large-scale electroporation can be used to eliminate the reliance on stable cell lines and costly transfection reagents, by producing large numbers of quality transfected cells for use in high throughput cellular screening and profiling.