Application Note: Extended Immunological Analysis of Two Phase 1 Clinical Trials of MVA-BN®-HER2 in HER-2 overexpressing Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients
28 June 2013

MVA-BN®-HER2 is a poxviral vector that encodes the extracellular domain of human HER-2 as well as two universal tetanus toxin T cell epitopes. Preclinical data have demonstrated MVA-BN®-HER2 to be immunogenic, inducing strong antitumor activity against HER-2 expressing tumors. Previous immunological evaluation of MVA-BN®-HER2 treated patient samples revealed that treatment was able to break tolerance against HER-2 in a metastatic setting. Specifically, anti-HER-2 antibodies were detected in 52% of patients tested and T-cell responses were boosted in 63% of patients. In this poster, read about extended immunological analysis of cryopreserved PBMCs and sera from patients receiving MVA-BN®- HER2.