Application Note: Analyzing the Role of Different Adhesion Molecules and Chemokines Involved in Inflammation
25 September 2012

This application note analyzes the role of different adhesion molecules and chemokines involved in various stages of inflammation under physiological flow conditions. Using Cellix’s biochips and Mirus pumping system, THP-1, monocyte and PBMC adhesion to VCAM-1; THP-1, monocyte and PBMC rolling on E-selectin; and respective adhesion blockades is investigated. THP-1 adhesion to HUVECs, correlating adhesion assay results with adhesion molecule expression levels on HUVECs from flow cytometry data, is also investigated. This method also investigates THP1 and PBMC adhesion to TNFα stimulated HUVECs and the effect of blocking antibodies (anti-VCAM-1; anti E-selectin; anti ICAM-1 and a combination of all three).