Application Note: Determination of Trace Lead, Poly-Phenols and Tannins in Wines Using a Single Analytical Instrument
2 January 2013

Manufacturing of wine and other fermented beverages has typically been a fairly simple process. Today many environmental concerns, health factors, and government rules have prompted the producers of fine wines to monitor several important components in the grape must, fermentation vast and in the final wine. Typically, several different analytical instruments are used to perform these tests including flame atomic absorption spectrophotometers (FAAS), UV spectrophotometers (UV) and colorimeters (VIS). This application note demonstrates the Buck Scientific 210VGP and 200A Atomic Absorption System both of which employ a high performance monochromator and a unique cell-holding attachment that allows it to be used as three analytical tools in one; FAAS, UV and VIS. This allows three critical tests including the measurement of poly-phenols, tannins and lead to be carried out using one device.