Application Note: Clenbuterol in Equine Plasma – A Study of Superior Ion Source Robustness & High Sensitivity on a New EVOQ Model LC Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer
6 December 2012

This application note demonstrates the sustained high sensitivity performance of the EVOQ™ LC-TQ under repeated exposure to equine plasma samples. Clenbuterol in crashed equine plasma was injected by dilute-and-shoot technique without the use of a divert valve. Four calibration curves were generated, and between each two adjacent calibration, 100 matrix samples were injected. The goal was to maintain a consistent response factor (<10% RSD) for all calibration curves. The results from EVOQ system exceeded the goal with the response factor RSD<5% over a period of two days and over 400 total injections of matrix samples.