Application Note: cAMP/IP-One HTplex Cell-Based Experiment Performed on Mithras
5 July 2013

GPCRs carry information within cells via two major signaling pathways: regulation of cAMP levels and increases in intracellular Ca2+ triggered by inositol (1,4,5) tri-phosphate (IP3). These signaling pathways are activated by the specific G protein associated with the receptor. Gs and Gi coupled receptors result in variations of cAMP while Gq coupled GPCRs activate phospholipase C (PLC) and trigger the inositol phosphate (IP) cascade. In this application note learn about ready-to-use kits capable of monitoring activation of Gs, Gi and Gq coupled receptors and recently introduced a new generation of HTRF technology incorporating Lumi4-Tb™, a new TR-FRET terbium Cryptate.