Application Note: Calcium 3 Assay Kit: An Optimal No-Wash Calcium Indicator Reagent for Non-Optical Calcium Responses
25 October 2012

Fluorescent dye indicators for intracellular calcium measurements are widely used tools in biology, in particular in the field GPCR pharmacology and functional characterization. In this application note the several GPCRs were transiently transfected into human embryonic kidney cells (HEK-293) at non-optimal conditions, specifically the cells were seeded at modest over-confluence at the time of transfection. Subsequently these cells were tested with the FLIPR® Calcium 3 no-wash reagent from Molecular Devices to measure agonist-stimulated calcium signaling. Use of Calcium 3 improved data quality as evidenced by an increase in signal dynamic range, improvement in well-to-well variability and virtual elimination of dilution artifact following compound addition.