Application Note: Straightforward Multi-Point Calibration Using a Single Standard
7 April 2009

Inline calibration allows to calibrate in the ppt range by using just one stable standard solution at the ppb level. By switching the valves one, two or even more times, different calibration concentrations at the ultra-trace level can be created with unprecedented reproducibility. The inline preconcentration technique uses a preconcentration column and is ideally suited for trace analysis in complex matrices, especially when combined with matrix elimination.
Besides facilitating the preparation of g/L to ng/L calibration graphs, Metrohm’s intelligent techniques are capable of logical decision making. Thus, Metrohm’s intelligent Partial Loop technique allows samples with a wide concentration range to be injected without previous manual dilution. In contrast, Metrohm’s intelligent inline dilution technique, after the first sample injection, compares peak areas, calculates, if necessary, the dilution factor, dilutes and automatically re-injects the sample.

Metrohm’s inline techniques allow to rationalize the time-consuming, error-prone and cost-intensive manual preparation of standard solutions. They guarantee that the determined sample concentrations always lie within the calibration range. Higher throughputs as well as lower analysis costs and improved data reliability are achieved.