Application Note: Extraction of 22 Pain Management Drugs from Urine using ISOLUTE® SLE+ in 96-Fixed Well Plate Format Prior to LC-MS-MS
5 July 2012

Read this application note to learn more about the extraction method for 22 different drugs in urine which are typically screened for pain management panels using ISOLUTE SLE+ fixed well plates. The use of schedule I drugs for patient pain management therapy warrants constant monitoring of therapeutic levels in the patient. Screening patient urine samples for the free drugs is complicated by the metabolism process which converts the free drug to the ß-glucuronide form. Patient urine samples can be enzymatically hydrolyzed and extracted to detect the drugs using Supported Liquid Extraction
(ISOLUTE SLE+) which offers an efficient alternative to traditional liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) for bioanalytical sample preparation.