Dramatically Improve Existing 5 µm and 3 µm Fully Porous Methods with Kinetex 5 µm Core-shell Technology
24 Oct 2012

Learn how Kinetex® core-shell technology can increase resolution, improve productivity, reduce solvent consumption, and decrease costs for HPLC and UHPLC. In this application note, Phenomenex present data generated using columns packed with Kinetex 5 µm core-shell particles and show how they provide improved chromatographic performance when compared to fully-porous 5 µm and 3 µm packed columns. When compared to fully porous 3 µm columns, Kinetex 5 µm has the capacity to deliver equivalent or greater performance at about one-half of the pressure, allowing the chromatographer to take advantage of increased flow rates to shorten analysis times or, alternatively, to use longer column lengths to further improve resolution.

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