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Alpha Laboratories Introduce High Quality, Consistent and Economical, Simulated Whole Blood Controls blood analysis, blood transfusion safety5 Mar 2013Read
Network With Senior Level Executives From the Top 20 Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries30 Oct 2012Read
Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies, Now Available from Abcam monoclonal antibodies26 Sep 2012Read
New Primary Antibody Offers Normalization for Low-Expressing Proteins7 Aug 2012Read
Image Studio Imaging Software Now Compatible with Mac software7 Aug 2012Read
FF High Performance Nitrocellulose Membranes Optimized for Diagnostic Assay Reproducibility1 Aug 2012Read
New State-of-the-Art Cellular Assay Services Toxicology Screening30 Jul 2012Read
Label-Free Assays Benefit from Microplate Readers with CCD Spectrometer Technology high throughput, LSPR, Biotechnology20 Jul 2012Read
SurModics to Launch New BioFX TMB Extended Range HRP Microwell Substrate at AACC AACC21 Jun 2012Read
SelectScience Opens Nominations for Best Drug Discovery Product of the Year 2012 scientists choice awards15 Jun 2012Read

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