TTP Labtech’s comPOUND® Provides Efficient Biobanking for High Quality Antibody Storage
20 Oct 2014

In a large number of academic research centers and small pharmaceutical and biotech companies, biological sample storage remains a manual process which not only increases the potential for error but can inhibit sample processing speeds necessary to satisfy research flow or customer delivery schedules. This case study demonstrates that TTP Labtech’s comPOUND biobanking storage modules are successfully employed by Abcam, a worldwide supplier of high quality antibodies, proteins, peptides, lysates and assay kits. In this company, the turnaround time of sample placement and retrieval is an essential component of high quality service to its customers. TTP Labtech’s automated comPOUND storage modules not only provide low footprint, cost-efficient automated biobanking capabilities but have the ability to cherry pick samples individually whilst not disturbing the internal storage environment. This ensures the integrity of unselected samples.

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