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A Better Imager for Identifying Tumors: Smaller, Cheaper Two-Mode Imaging System Could Help Surgeons See and Remove Cancer Cancer Diagnostics, Cancer, Tumors25 Jun 2014Read
Thicker than Water: Medical Researchers Use Light to Measure Blood’s Clotting Properties Coagulation3 Mar 2014Read
First 3-D Movies of Living Sperm Fertility13 Feb 2014Read
Early Detection of Blinding Eye Disease Could be as Easy as Scanning a Barcode Optical Coherence Tomography, Retinal Diseases26 Dec 2013Read
New Single Virus Detection Techniques for Faster Disease Diagnosis Hepatitis, HIV / AIDS, Viral Load7 Jun 2013Read
New Approach to Slowing Rot Doubles Berry Shelf Life LED, Food Testing, UV5 Jun 2013Read
On-site Asbestos Detector Offers Promise of Better Work Place Safety Lung Cancer, Environmental Contamination2 May 2013Read
Innovative Imaging Device that is Flexible, Flat, and Transparent Imaging, Digital Imaging25 Feb 2013Read
Non-Invasive Device Allows Researchers to View Blood Cells Flowing in Patients Veins Imaging24 May 2012Read
New Optical Technique Promises Rapid and Accurate Malaria Diagnosis Malaria20 Apr 2012Read

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