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USDA Acquires Protea's LAESI® Technology Platform to Identify and Screen Mycotoxins in Food Agriculture, Food Safety, Mycotoxins1 Oct 2014Read
Protea Announces Alzheimer's Research Collaboration With the University of Southampton, U.K. Neuroscience, Neurobiology, Alzheimers Disease3 Jun 2014Read
Protea Enters Into Collaborative Research Agreement with the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Cancer2 May 2014Read
Protea Introduces the GPR-850 Gel Protein Recovery System Protein Expression, Microfluidics, Proteomics31 Jan 2014Read
Protea to Showcase New Applications with LAESI DP-1000 Platform and New Mass Spectrometry Imaging Services at the 61st ASMS Conference ASMS, Imaging Mass Spectrometry30 May 2013Read
Extended Mass Spec Imaging Services Now Available from Protea Biosciences Imaging, Biomarkers--, drugdevelopment15 Apr 2013Read
Extended Mass Spectrometry Imaging Services from Protea Imaging, Live Cell Imaging, Biofilm3 Apr 2013Read
Direct Ionization System on Display at analytica Cell Biodynamics, 3D Imaging, Pharmacokinetics10 Apr 2012Read
New Innovations to Enhance your Mass Spec's Capability Direct Ionization, PittCon13 Mar 2012Read

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