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Roche NimbleGen Develops Novel SeqCap Epi Target Enrichment Solution for DNA Methylation Assessment Epigenetics, DNA Methylation, sequencing4 Feb 2014Read
Wheat, Barley and Maize Target Enrichment Designs for Exome Sequencing Available from Roche NimbleGen Yeast, Target-Enrichment, Genome Sequencing21 Nov 2013Read
Roche Launches First Sugar-Transferase for New Glyco-Engineering Portfolio Supporting Applications from Research to Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Monoclonal Antibodies, Glycosylation, Sialic Acids1 Jul 2013Read
Roche Launches Complete His-Tag Purification Column for Convenient One-step Protein Purification Tagged Proteins, Protein26 Jun 2013Read
New Automated Immunosuppressive Drug Assays Improve Therapeutic Drug Monitoring for Transplant Patients Immunoassay, Transplant Monitoring, Sample Handling24 Jun 2013Read
Roche Introduces Software for Next-Generation Sequencing NGS, Genome Sequencing, SNP Genotyping24 Jun 2013Read
Roche’s Rapid Mycoplasma Detection Test MycoTOOL Receives Acceptance from Canadian Authorities for Release Testing of Biopharmaceutical Roche Product Microbial Detection, Biopharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals14 Jun 2013Read
Roche Launches New Software Updates for its LightCycler 96 and LightCycler Nano PCR Systems qPCR, SNP Genotyping6 Jun 2013Read
Roche Launches New Bead Based DNA Target Enrichment Reagent Kit for Next Generation Sequencing Target-Enrichment, NGS, DNA Amplification28 May 2013Read
Roche Launches New Test for Diagnosis and Monitoring of Thyroid Cancer Cancer Diagnostics, Thyroid Cancer5 Apr 2013Read

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