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GE Healthcare Life Sciences to Open Biopharmaceutical Technology and Training Laboratory in Turkey protein analysis, pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology4 Dec 2014Read
The New Amersham™ WB System imaging, blotting28 Nov 2014Read
GE Healthcare Life Sciences Launches Capto™ S ImpAct Cation Exchange Chromatography Medium for Efficient and Flexible Purification of Monoclonal Antibodies monoclonal antibodies26 Sep 2014Read
GE Healthcare Life Sciences Launches New Amersham™ WB System for Reproducible and Quantitative Protein Analysis protein quantitation, blotting24 Sep 2014Read
GE Healthcare Life Sciences Launches illustra™- Single Cell GenomiPhi for Highly Reproducible and Accurate Genomic DNA Amplification DNA amplification1 Sep 2014Read
GE Healthcare Launches Cytiva™ Plus Cardiomyocytes drug development, Cardiomyocytes29 May 2014Read
BioSpring Selects GE Healthcare Life Sciences OligoProcess™ for Large Scale Synthesis of Therapeutic Oligonucleotides oligos, therapeutics14 May 2014Read
GE Healthcare Launches Xuri™ IL-2 Growth Factor for the Reliable Activation and Expansion of T-Lymphocytes cell therapy14 May 2014Read
GE Healthcare Launches High Performance Amersham™ Imager 600 Series protein analysis, imaging, blotting17 Mar 2014Read
GE Healthcare Launches ReadyToProcess WAVE™ 25, the Next-Generation, Single-Use, Rocking Bioreactor System bioreactor, bioprocessing18 Nov 2013Read

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