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Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New Improved Universal Containers Leak-Free Performance19 Jan 2012Read
New Range of Filtration Products with a Vast Choice of Membrane Types and Pore Sizes21 Mar 2011Read
New Centrifuge Tubes Deliver High Quality and Increased Speed Capability19 Nov 2010Read
Sterilin's transport system for MRSA screening9 Jun 2009Read
Sterilin Backs HPA Guidelines For Swine Flu Detection18 May 2009Read
Sterilin Limited Introduces New Literature for its Range of Packaging Products25 Nov 2008Read
Sterilin Limited Offers Extensive Range of Swab Rinse Kits27 Oct 2008Read
Sterilin Limited Presents the Iwaki® Glass Range of Tissue Culture Products Which Aid Complex Cell Biology Techniques24 Oct 2008Read
Sterilin Limited Announces New Ward/Shelf Packs of Best Selling 30ml Universal Containers8 Oct 2008Read
Sterilin Limited Presents the Ultimate in Bench Protection - BenchGuard Totally Absorbing21 Aug 2008Read

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