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New Live Cell-Impermeant Far-Red Fluorescing DNA Dye27 Aug 2010Read
Thermo-Reversible Mountant Validated for Live Parasite Imaging11 Nov 2009Read
Biostatus to Showcase Live Zebrafish Imaging HCS at Drug Discovery 20091 Sep 2009Read
Imaging Mountant for live C.elegans14 Aug 2009Read
CyGel - For Simply Better Zebrafish Imaging29 May 2009Read
Flow Cytometry: Flow Sorting Cells for PCR30 Apr 2009Read
New in vitro tox application for DRAQ510 Sep 2008Read
New applications for imaging and cytometry in drug discovery10 Sep 2008Read
Newly presented data shows flow cytometry uses for live cell dye CyTRAK Orange™1 Jul 2008Read
Nucl:Cyto Segmentation in HCS Imaging Enabled by Far-Red Dye25 Jun 2008Read

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