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Researchers at the Robert Gordon University are Using Linkam Stages to Advance the Knowledge of Pharmaceutical Processes Drug Dosage, Formulation19 Feb 2014Read
Eindhoven University of Technology use the Linkam LTS and HFS X-ray stages to advance their Supramolecular Polymer Research Polymeric Materials4 Dec 2013Read
Scientists at the London Research Institute of Cancer Research UK use the Linkam CMS196 for Imaging Mammalian Cells with Cryo-CLXM Microscopy Neuroscience, Cell Analysis, Cancer5 Nov 2013Read
Scientists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences use the Linkam CAP500 Heating Stage for Extreme Deep Sea Research Temperature Control1 Nov 2013Read
Scientists at University of Lancaster Using the Linkam TS1500 Heating Stage for Lava Evolution and Flow Research Temperature Control25 Sep 2013Read
Scientists at the University of Coruña Using the THMS600 Stage for Polymer Research Temperature Control, Polymeric Materials11 Sep 2013Read
Linkam Scientific Report on Scientists at the Technische Universität Kaiserslautern Using the LTS420 Temperature Stage for Crystallization Studies on Semi-crystalline Polymers Temperature Control, Crystallization6 Aug 2013Read
SUNY Binghamton Applies Linkam Temperature Stage Microscopy to the Understanding of Electronic Packaging & Reliability Temperature Control24 Jul 2013Read
The Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Polymers (CNR) uses the Linkam THMS600 Temperature Stage for Biodegradable and Biocompatible Polymer Research Temperature Control, Research and Development24 Apr 2013Read
South Africa's University of the Orange Free State use Linkam's THMS600 Stage to Study Liquid Crystals Temperature Control9 Apr 2013Read

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