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Berthold Technologies Presents the Second Generation Multimode Microplate Reader Mithras at analytica 2014 Absorbance Reader, Fluorescence Microscopy, TR-FRET17 Mar 2014Read
Berthold Technologies Launches Mithras² Multi-Technology Microplate Reader with Monochromators Fluorescence, Luciferase, Luminescence27 Sep 2013Read
BERTHOLD Introduces the Improved NightSHADE Imaging System Imaging, Plant Science, Luminescence1 Jul 2013Read
New Application Notes Show the Versatility and Suitability of the Mithras Microplate Reader19 Nov 2010Read
Berthold Technologies Announce the NightSHADE, a Dedicated In Vivo Plant Imager1 Oct 2009Read
Anniversary Lottery at Berthold Technologies27 Aug 2009Read
BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES Completes HTRF® Reader Portfolio15 Apr 2009Read
A New Instrument for Luminescence Immunoassay, the CentroLIApc15 Dec 2008Read
Artemis – High Performance HTRF® Microplate Reader17 Nov 2008Read
Berthold Technologies distributes Artemis HTRF® plate reader27 Aug 2008Read

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