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UK National Physical Laboratory Invests in SIM-D Camera imaging9 Oct 2013Read
Specialised Imaging’s SIM Camera Assists in Development of Fusion Energy Power Generator imaging6 Sep 2013Read
Temperature Measurement of High-Speed Phenomena ultra fast framing20 Feb 2012Read
3D Flight Characterization of High-Speed Objects19 Jul 2011Read
Multispectral Imaging at up to 1 Billion Frames Per Second4 Feb 2011Read
Video Gallery Demonstrates Applications of Ultra High-Speed Imaging28 Apr 2009Read
High Resolution Imaging of Ultra Fast Events in Ambient & Low Light Environments25 Mar 2009Read
Ultra-fast Framing Camera Offers Unmatched Ease of Use11 Mar 2009Read
Robust General Purpose Optical Trigger3 Feb 2009Read
Digital Shadowgraph provides engineers with an invaluable tool for studying aerodynamics and flow mechanics11 Sep 2007Read

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