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Hamilton Robotics Introduces the PCR setup NIMBUS: Easy PCR Setup Automation for Your Bench PCR Automation22 Oct 2014Read
Hamilton Microlab Nimbus - Personal Automated Pipetting at an Affordable Price Electronic Pipette26 Aug 2014Read
Hamilton Robotics Launches the First Pipetting Workstation to Provide Simultaneous, Multiple Tube Decapping and Recapping Sample Handling8 May 2014Read
Fully Automated PCR / Ligation with On Deck Thermal Cycling - Coming Soon23 Apr 2014Read
Fully Automate Sample Preparation for the Testing of Vitamin D and Immunosuppressants with the New Hamilton MassSTAR Vitamin D23 Apr 2014Read
Chromsystems and Hamilton Robotics Launch Fully Integrated CE-IVD Sample Preparation Solution for LC-MS/MS Diagnostics Vitamin D26 Mar 2014Read
Hamilton Robotics Launches Affordable Benchtop NIMBUS PCR Workstation qPCR, Liquid Handling Workstation, Gene Expression28 Jan 2014Read
Hamilton Robotics Partners with Coastal Genomics to Introduce Innovative Technologies to Automate Agarose Gel DNA Fragment Selection SLAS, Automation, DNA Fragment Sizing20 Jan 2014Read
Hamilton Robotics Launches the Immunostain NIMBUS, a Compact Workstation Designed to Accelerate Immunofluorescent Staining Immunofluorescence, Immunohistochemistry, Automation20 Jan 2014Read
Hamilton Robotics Launches the NIMBUS384, an Affordable, Highly Flexible, Compact Pipetting Workstation Liquid Handling Workstation16 Jan 2014Read

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