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Andor Congratulates Nobel Prize Winners EMCCD, Super Resolution Microscopy20 Oct 2014Read
Quantum Imaging Finally Saves Schrödinger's Cat Imaging8 Oct 2014Read
Andor launches LightSheet PLUS with FlexiScan and CycleMax for Zyla 4.2 Imaging, Microscopy19 Sep 2014Read
Andor Launches Revolution DSD2 Laser-Scanning Confocal Module Neuroscience, Confocal, Plant Science24 Jun 2014Read
Andor Launches iXon Ultra 888 Megapixel Back-Illuminated EMCCD Camera Cell Analysis21 May 2014Read
Andor Launches New Ultrasensitive OEM Camera for Superior Spectroscopy in the NIR CCD camera, NIRS2 May 2014Read
Andor Launches Solis 64 Software Enabling Fast Data Acquisition Imaging, Software20 Mar 2014Read
Andor launches iQ3 Multi-Dimension Image Acquisition Software 3D Imaging, Software7 Mar 2014Read
Andor Technology Announces Launch of Its iKon-M SY and Newton SY Series of CCD Cameras CCD camera7 Mar 2014Read
Andor sCMOS Camera's Speed, Resolution and Sensitivity26 Feb 2014Read

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