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Definiens Digital Pathology Integrates Data Mining with Image Analysis22 Jun 2012Read
Definiens Expands Digital Pathology Solution with Gene Probe Analysis Digital Pathology, Digital Imaging11 May 2012Read
Definiens Quantitative Digital Pathology Portfolio Expanded Digital Pathology, Stereology20 Mar 2012Read
Definiens Announces Release of Quantitative Digital Pathology and Biomarker Research Portfolio25 Oct 2011Read
Hamamatsu Partners with Definiens to offer a complete and fully integrated image analysis solution15 Oct 2008Read
Definiens Unveils Definiens XD – a New Image Analysis Platform17 Jun 2008Read
Deploying Definiens Technology, Renowned Helmholtz Zentrum München Improves Quality and Throughput in Image Analysis1 Apr 2008Read
Affiris Uses Definiens Technology in Fight Against Alzheimer’s Disease18 Mar 2008Read
Cenix BioScience Expands Usage of Definiens Technology in High-Content Screening13 Feb 2008Read
Definiens Releases TissueMap 2.0 for Advanced Oncology Research7 Dec 2007Read

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