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Leading Drug Discovery Scientists Leverage PathHunter® Arrestin Technology for Discovery of Novel GPCR Drugs gPCR21 Nov 2013Read
DiscoveRx to Launch PathHunter™ GPCR Explorer Kit for Building On-Demand Functional GPCR Assays at MipTec 201015 Sep 2010Read
DiscoveRx Announces 35% Off Whole Panel Profiling Orders22 Jan 2010Read
DiscoveRx Signs a Worldwide Agreement with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) that Allows GSK Access to PathHunter™ ß-Arrestin Cell lines and Reagents for G-PCR Screening29 Oct 2009Read
DiscoveRx PathHunter™ eXpress Kits and GPCR Profiling Services: GPCR Research Made Simple12 Sep 2008Read
Custom Kinase Binding Profiling and Labeling Services for SAR and Screening8 May 2007Read
Kinase Binding Assays for inactive or low-activity kinases and for determining Structure-Activity Relationships (SAR)8 May 2007Read
High Sensitivity ADP Accumulation Assays for Kinases and ATPases8 May 2007Read
Novel β-arrestin Assays that Advance GPCR Screening16 Apr 2007Read
DiscoveRx, a leader in GPCR assays, launches a 30 second assay for Beta-Arrestin based screening10 Apr 2007Read

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