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FEI Announces Teneo VS for 3D Volume Imaging of Cells and Tissues Neuroscience, Neurobiology, 3D Imaging24 Nov 2014Read
FEI adds Phase Plate Technology and Titan Halo TEM to its Structural Biology Product Portfolio Microscopy, Microanalysis29 Jul 2014Read
Diamond Light Source Purchases Multiple Electron Microscopes from FEI Structural Biology18 Jun 2014Read
FEI Highlights New 3D Analysis Software for Life Sciences and Materials Science Neuroscience, 3D Imaging, Microscience17 Jun 2014Read
FEI Introduces the New Tecnai Femto Ultrafast Electron Microscope Microscopy30 Oct 2013Read
FEI Introduces Three New Transmission Electron Microscopy Systems for Semiconductor and Scientific Research Imaging2 Aug 2013Read
Tsinghua University Selects FEI’s Titan Krios Cryo-Electron Microscope27 Aug 2009Read
FEI’s New Direct Electron Detector Revolutionizes Electron Microscopy of Biological and Other Beam-Sensitive Samples28 Jul 2009Read
Wageningen University Orders FEI Magellan Scanning Electron Microscope for High-Resolution Surface Imaging of Biological Materials22 Jul 2009Read
FEI Marks 100th Titan TEM Milestone with Sale to Stanford University6 May 2009Read

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