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Evolved Live Cell Confocal Imaging confocal imaging7 Mar 2012Read
New HD Color Camera Head HD imaging3 Feb 2012Read
New Multifunction Standalone Imaging Control Unit HD imaging2 Feb 2012Read
Modular Upright Research Microscopes for Bioscience and Medical Research14 Nov 2011Read
NIS-Elements Version 4.0 for Improved Imaging11 Nov 2011Read
Nikon Launch New Upright Microscope for Advanced Clinical Research7 Sep 2011Read
Nikon Announces Launch of Eco-friendly Clinical Microscopes7 Sep 2011Read
Nikon Launches Unique Range of Plan Apochromat Nano Crystal Coat Objectives19 Jul 2011Read
Nikon Instruments Europe Opens Center of Excellence in STORM at The Institute of Photonic Sciences in Barcelona super resolution microscopy1 Jun 2011Read
Nikon Employs Unique Nano-Crystal Coat Technology for Increased Light Transmission at Critical Wavelengths for Live Cell imaging3 May 2011Read

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