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Sigma-Aldrich Completes Acquisition of Cell Marque in vitro diagnostics, Antibody production10 Nov 2014Read
BioReliance® Introduces Advanced In Vitro ADME and Toxicology Services Designed to Improve Drug Safety and Efficacy toxicology, ADME, drug metabolism16 Oct 2014Read
Sigma-Aldrich® and The Scripps Research Institute Partner to Accelerate the Commercialization of Research Reagents drug development, chemical synthesis, lead optimization18 Jul 2013Read
Collaboration to Advance the Study of Epigenetic Proteins Involved in Cancer and Stem Cell Biology15 Nov 2010Read
Extension of Gene Editing Technology Platform Provides Robust & Efficient Cell Lines11 Nov 2010Read
Sigma® Life Science Collaborates with The Jackson Laboratory for Distribution of Genetically Engineered Mice4 Nov 2010Read
Partnership to Create Genetically Engineered Knockout Rats for Improved Animal Models of Autism27 Oct 2010Read
New Range of Engineered Mammalian Cell Lines from Sigma Life Science3 Sep 2010Read
New Sigma Life Science and SwitchGear Genomics Project to Enable Investigation into Gene Regulation in a Variety of Biological Pathways10 Aug 2010Read
Sigma® Life Science Introduces World's First P53 Knockout Rat20 Apr 2010Read

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