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Caliper Announces New Oncology Research Collaboration5 Apr 2011Read
Caliper Life Sciences Launches Novel COX-2 Probe to Enable Personalized Medicine Research5 Apr 2011Read
Applications in Chemical Toxicity9 Mar 2011Read
Bioware Cell Line A549-luc-C89 Mar 2011Read
Caliper Life Sciences IVIS® Optical Imaging System Adoption Surpasses 1000 Units10 Feb 2011Read
Caliper Life Sciences Adds New Modality for Pre-Clinical Imaging, Launches Quantum FX microCT System20 Oct 2010Read
Caliper Introduces Micro CT System for Longitudinal Studies at AACR 201012 Oct 2010Read
Caliper Life Sciences Preclinical Imaging with Living Image® Multi-Modality Software Module and Mouse Imaging Shuttle3 Sep 2010Read
Caliper Life Sciences Introduces Sciclone G3 Liquid Handler29 Jan 2010Read
Innovative Technologies for Enzymes and GPCRs10 Sep 2008Read

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