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Affymetrix and Leica Biosystems Announce the Launch of Fully Automated RNA in situ Hybridization Assays RNA, FFPE, in situ hybridization13 May 2014Read
FDA Clearance of Genetic Test for Developmental Delays and Intellectual Disabilities in Children19 Mar 2014Read
University Of Bristol Collaborates with Affymetrix on Genotyping Arrays for Guaranteed Sustainability of Wheat Production agriculture, genotyping15 Jan 2014Read
Affymetrix to Host Workshop on Genomic Selection at Plant and Animal Genome (PAG) Conference gene expression analysis, genotyping8 Jan 2014Read
Affymetrix Axiom® Strawberry Genotyping Array Delivers Automated Analysis for High-Resolution Genome Scanning of Octoploid Strawberry SNP genotyping, genotyping, Brazil4 Nov 2013Read
Affymetrix Expands the Expression Power of the GeneAtlas® Personal Microarray System15 Jun 2011Read
Affymetrix Adds New Tools for Targeted Genotyping Market to Accelerate Disease Studies26 May 2011Read
Affymetrix Releases New Applied Research Arrays Designed with Scientific Leaders23 May 2011Read
Affymetrix Achieves First FDA Clearance of Microarray-Based Gene Profiling Reagents9 May 2011Read
Affymetrix Releases Axiom™ Genome-Wide CHB 1 Array12 Apr 2011Read

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